Bouncy Baby Products


  • High absorbance and urine retention for better performance long hours dryness and cost saving.
  • Wetback control- our diaper absorbs urine fast and efficiently hence ensuring dryness.
  • Soft cottony surface for better baby comfort and to prevent chafing which leads to rashes.
  • Elastic and comfortable on legs cuffs for a snug fit on the baby.
  • Leakage guard to prevent leakage from the sides.
  • Breathable back- for proper air circulation keeping baby dry and fresh.
  • No irritation of the skin.
  • It has wetness indicator.


  • Gentle lotion made with almond oil and glycerin leaves baby's skin soft and healthy.
  • It has a mild sweet fragrance, is quickly absorbed and maintains the baby's skin hydrated for longer.
  • It's aimed at protecting the delicate skin for the baby as well as protecting the skin against moisture loss.


  • Bouncy baby powder is hypoallergenic and friendly to baby's delicate skin.
  • It absorbs moisture leaving skin dry, smooth and prevents chaffing.
  • The powder has a nice cool feeling thus baby stays fresh and comfortable all day long.
  • The mild fragrance leaves baby feeling fresh and smelling great.
  • Contain vitamin E.

Bouncy baby lotion is available in: 50ml,100ml,200ml

Bouncy baby powder comes in two sizes: 50g,100g.


  • Bouncy wipe is a moistened piece of cloth that often come and individually wrapped for convenience.
  • They are used for cleansing and disinfecting of even sensitive skin.
  • They are alcohol free, hypoallergenic with aloe vera to soothe bay skin
  • They are soft and thick with a clean refreshing scent.


  • Our mildly perfumed, gentle and caring baby oil is enriched with essential oils that have a relaxing effect on the baby and also nourish the baby's sensitive skin.

Bouncy baby wipes is available in 2 pack sizes: large with 80pcs and small with 10pcs inside.

Bouncy baby oil comes in two sizes: 100ml,200ml